HBO's Chernobyl: Russia Planning Its Own Series Blaming CIA

Joann Johnston
June 12, 2019

HBO's recent miniseries recounting the deadly Chernobyl nuclear disaster is arguable more scary than a horror movie. The Moscow Times reports that general reaction to the series in Russian Federation has been heavily negative, with some in the media claiming it was designed "to tarnish this country's image as a nuclear power" and that the show presents "a caricature and not the truth".

The Russian series has reportedly been commissioned by NTV, a network owned by the media division of Russian natural gas company Gazprom and known for pro-Kremlin spin, according to THR.

THE SMASH-HIT HBO series Chernobyl has been setting records this month with audiences deeming it a massive success ... in the West, at least. The series, which reportedly already shot past year in Belarus, was partially financed by the Russian Culture Ministry with a grant worth 30 million rubles ($460,000). But here's the twist, it centers a conspiracy of how American CIA agents sabotaged operations during the nuclear disaster.

Not much else is known about the series, except for a short synopsis that states "that the series will follow a group of Soviet KGB officers tasked with uncovering a Central Intelligence Agency agent stationed at the Chernobyl nuclear plant and involved in espionage".

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The World Nuclear Association makes it clear that Chernobyl disaster was caused by a mix of faulty reactor design and human error.

The HBO series, which focuses mainly on the Soviet Union's coverup following the accident and the heroic actions of the plant workers, has been widely praised not only by Americans but by Russians, as well.

"The first thing to understand about the HBO mini-series "Chernobyl", wrote a reporter for The New York Times, "is that a lot of it is made up".

The Times adds: "The fact that an American, not a Russian, TV channel tells us about our own heroes is a source of shame that the pro-Kremlin media apparently can not live down". "And this is the real reason they find fault with HBO's Chernobyl series".

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