Google's New Site Trips Features All the Travel-Related Plans

Alfred Osborne
May 18, 2019

The company said on Tuesday it was rolling out simplified free trip planning at, linking Google's Flights, Hotels and Trips services on desktop.

The search engine of google remains the way that the provider earns billions of dollars by selling digital ads which are targeted at the interests that individuals reveal through their research requests. You can start using the new portal by typing in a destination search term or "hotels in London" to access a wealth of information in one go.

Tapping the picker lets you switch to a different account, add a new one, manage email addresses on your device, but most importantly, it has that new "Manage your Google Account" option.

Instant Experiences - This is completely supported, ensuring you need to upload a single artifact for the installed app and Google Play Instant experiences. For instance, when you have a booking for an inn or a café, looking that business up on Google Maps will show your reservation time and date, and clicking it shows your affirmation receipt.

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Trips is a continuation of a travel-based undertaking that Google began previous year when it rounded up reservations for hotels and flights to a trip timeline for users signed into their Google accounts and who received Gmail confirmation. They have also now added a feature that will point out popular neighborhoods near where you're staying and what they are famous for.

Holden admitted at the launch that in the past "we haven't done a good job" of connecting users' travel-related activity, reported Bloomberg. As to where the Google Trips app will fit into all of this that remains to be seen.

Google says it's getting serious about services for travellers. Plus soon you will see viewed things to do and saved and viewed hotels to your trips.

Alphabet Inc.'s Google also plans to "surface" more travel data on Google Maps, and incorporate hotel and restaurant reservations for customers who are logged on.

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