Google introduces Android search and browser app choices for users in Europe

Alfred Osborne
April 20, 2019

Android users in Europe will see an option to download search apps and browsers and can now personalize the design, installing any app they want and choosing the types of default services to use such as Google Chrome.

The above screens will be presented to you when you launch the Google Play Store's page first after updating the app. The apps that are not installed will show up based on their popularity, but they'll show up in a randomized order. The suite includes apps like YouTube, Google Maps, and most importantly, Google Search and Google Chrome which is default on all Android smartphones.

The reason for Google's largess isn't down to a deep-seated belief in choice - otherwise we'd all be getting it worldwide - but money, around €4.34bn ($5bn) or more to be precise.

At this point, ad fraud has been an issue over at the Google Play Store for several years already, and this recent discovery shows that the search giant has not fully resolved this concern.

Google will begin rollout these new screens to users in Europe as part of an update to the Google Play Store over the next few weeks.

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Google's blog post on the upcoming update includes an example of what the pop-ups will look like. This week Google is implementing actual software changes to Android. There's also going to be a new prompt in Google Chrome, which will encourage users to pick a search engine. We've contacted the company to clarify how the implementation could change and will update the article accordingly.

"Two screens will surface: one for search apps and another for browsers, each containing a total of five apps, including any that are already installed", he said.

The changes will hopefully satisfy the European Commission and many users in the region. Will you be switching your default browser of search engine any time soon?

Although Android's ecosystem has always allowed users to customise the operating system to their liking, Google found itself in hot water last July when the European Commission stated that it was in breach of antitrust violations.

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