Owners of faulty Nexus 6P phones could get up to $400

Alfred Osborne
April 14, 2019

It was an improvement over the Nexus 6, but unfortunately, it started to shut down on a full battery and the users lost access to any information they had previously stored on the phone, including photographs.

If the court verdict on May 9th came in favor of plaintiffs, Nexus 6P users in the United States who bought the device on September 25th, 2015 and onward would be qualified to claim repayment. For the record, Google had third parties manufacture Nexus devices, one of which is Huawei.

The two companies will be paying out $9.75 million or up to $400 per customer.

According to lawsuit, the companies have breached the warranty of the Nexus 6P smartphone which is the reason why pretty much all the users have faced the bootloop issue on the device. Similarly, users who faced the alleged battery drain issue and submit documentation of the issue are suggested to receive up to $150 (roughly Rs. 10,400). Unfortunately for worldwide owners of the Nexus 6P, the pending settlement only applies to residents of the United States plagued by the issue as that is the country of origin for the class-action lawsuit.

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Google and Huawei have preliminarily agreed to settle a class action lawsuit from Nexus 6P users who say their devices experienced a bootlooping issue that caused the phones to shut down randomly, regardless of the battery level. Here's how you can claim. Back in 2017, folks at XDA Developers found out an official fix to get rid of the bootloop problem on Nexus 6P units as well.

The proposal now states that those who are eligible for the settlement could be paid up to $400 against the lawsuit, while those who received a Pixel XL in a prior warranty exchange program would only be eligible for up to $10.

The settlement is all depending on the court for the approval, but it seems that it's going to happen anytime soon.

That can jump to $45 if you "attest" to battery drain problems without submitting documentation to support your claim, while unsupported bootloop complaints will be compensated with anywhere between $20 and $75. You can browse the pending settlement form that explains all your legal rights and options here.

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