Pediatricians urge recall of Fisher-Price 'Rock 'n Play' after infant deaths

Mae Love
April 13, 2019

A federal warning was issued last week with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Pirce about the product, but an official recall has not been issued. Fisher-Price said in other cases, the product was clearly used "in a manner contrary to the safety warnings and instructions".

Consumer Reports suggests the government warning doesn't go far enough, based on what it found, and is advising parents to stop using infant reclined sleep products for unsupervised sleep.

Fisher-Price's Rock 'n Play Sleeper should be recalled "immediately", the American Academy of Pediatrics said this week, citing a Consumer Reports story that determined that 32 infant deaths were tied to the device.

Fisher-Price says its sleeper reminded parents place infants on their backs to sleep, to utilize restraints, and make sure that no blankets or cushions are put in the sleeper and suits all security standards. It does not meet the AAP's recommendations for a safe sleep environment for any baby.

A different Rock 'n Play model was recalled in 2013 due to the risk of mold developing between the seat cushion and the hard plastic frame.

The CPSC last week advised consumers to stop using the product by three months of age or as soon as the infant is able to roll over.

The AAP noted in its statement calling for the immediate recall of the Rock 'n Play that it does not recommend putting sleeping babies in any products that require restraints, including auto seats or even strollers.

'Child safety is our priority, ' the company said.

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The issue appears to be linked to the design of the Rock 'n Play sleeper.

According to Evan Overton, the infant's mother, they haven't filed suit but are negotiating with Fisher-Price.

The sleeper (pictured) features a cradle on a metal stand that rocks infants. Announcing their demand for a recall, Dr. Rachel Moon, chair of the AAP Task Force on SIDS, said, "We can not put any more children's lives at risk by keeping these unsafe products on the shelves".

The CPSC responded to CR by saying it is "continuing to evaluate the product and investigate whether it contains a defect. and if the evidence indicates a need for a recall, we will take that step".

The agency and also Fisher-Price parent Mattel Inc. said Friday they are aware of at least 10 infant deaths from the Rock'n Plays because 2015 after infants rolled out of their back into their stomach or side, while unrestrained.

According to Consumer Reports, Fisher-Price said the company does not believe that these deaths have been caused by the product, as some of the children either had a previous medical condition or the product was not used properly.

"CPSC has identified a hazard with rollover issues in the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play involving 10 infant deaths".

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