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Alfred Osborne
April 12, 2019

The method was thought like simple information pages for mobile that redirected you to Google Play Store or Apple for the download of apps. Not just that, but these software tweaks are also speeding up the boot time for the Google Play Store. This is an acronym for "Android Package Kit" and what makes it special is that all Android smartphone users who want to access the new Google Play Store update will need to manually download and install it on their smartphones. The latest patch doesn't bring any noticeable change, though Google says that it includes a "small number of bug fixes" and prevents apps from crashing on startup.

Luckily, installing the update in the form of APK is not necessary.

It is worth noting that you should ensure that you are already running Android Q Beta 1 or Beta 2 on your device.

If you are an Android smartphone user, you must be aware of how Google sends a system update over-the-air to handsets. On the Android version, the malware had three phases to gain deep access: the foothold establishment, after installing surveillance capability, and the last one, gaining root access to the device.

The ideal example of just how important the Google Play Store is to the Android operating system is the fact that the Android parent is always releasing new updates for it. Google's developers are constantly releasing new updates for the Google Play Store and a brand-new one has arrived today.

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As per Google's blog post, to enable this security feature, users first have to sign-in to their Google account's on their Android devices. It uses a content questionnaire (similar to other gaming systems') but it doesn't do a suitable job in identifying questionable content. Using the same feature, it's also possible to disable Do Not Disturb and unsilence a device.

A team of researchers from Lookout, a mobile security firm discovered that Exodus now has a version capable of putting iPhone users at risk.

Also helping to reduce security issues is Google's monthly security update program.

Speaking of Pixel phones, on Pixel 3 FIDO credentials are stored inside the Pixel's Titan M chip so that you can just press the volume down button to activate your security key.

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