White House Signals Trump Would Veto Democrats' Net Neutrality Bill

Alfred Osborne
April 11, 2019

That means that if the Democrats get their way, rules prohibiting blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization of internet access would be codified into law, making it more hard for changing FCC leadership to flip-flop the rules. The bill won approval by a vote of 232-190, and nearly entirely along partisan lines, with one Republican supporting the measure. Democrats say polls show Americans overwhelmingly back net neutrality and want protections that providers will not interfere with their internet access.

Supporter of Net Neutrality Lance Brown Eyes protests the FCC's recent decision to repeal the program in Los Angeles, California, November 28, 2017. The OMB said the legislation "would instead return to the heavy-handed regulatory approach of the previous administration and undo the FCC's action that restored the Federal Trade Commission's authority to investigate and take enforcement action against unfair, deceptive, or anti-competitive acts or practices committed by broadband providers".

The Senate passed the Congressional Act (CRA) in May 2018 to restore net neutrality rules, which is "an obscure legislative tool" introduced by Sen.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted, 232-190, to restore net neutrality rules that were overturned by the Federal Communications Commission in December 2017.

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U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday a Democratic bid to restore the 2015 net neutrality rules is "dead on arrival in the Senate".

Gigi Sohn, a former senior aide to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who ran the agency when the net neutrality rules were adopted, said the rules ensure "internet users, not broadband providers, decide winners and losers on the Internet".

It's not surprising that Trump is expected to veto the Democrat-led net neutrality initiative, but Monday's statement is one of the first direct comments from the White House on the legislation that is expected to easily pass through the House of Representatives on Tuesday. It is unclear if proponents will be able to force a vote in the Senate.

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