Google is beta testing Android phones as Bluetooth-based two-step verification tokens

Alfred Osborne
April 11, 2019

Security keys offer one of the most secure authentication methods for logging into an account - it requires plugging in a physical key.

If you have a phone running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher, you can now use it as a FIDO security key.

The company recently paved the way for more Bluetooth-equipped devices to be recognized as security keys.

Using a 2nd form of verification as you sign-in to services is a must these days, but you should 100% be doing so with your Google account to add a layer of protection.

The system - now in beta - can be used to access ChromeOS, macOS or Windows 10 computers running Chrome, and can replace or supplement other FIDO-based security keys like Google's own Titan Security Key. Next you need to sign into your Google Account on the device and open your Google security settings on your computer.

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This means that if you have it set up you won't be able to log into certain Google Accounts unless your phone is nearby. Getting 2SV codes via a text message or an authenticator app is great, but if you want to go an extra step further, you can use physical keys in order to access your data.

Choose your Android phone from the list of available devices and you're done!

Double-tap the "Are you trying to sign in?".

This new option to Google's 2-step verification (2SV) is similar to the Titan security key that was introduced in the middle of past year. To use the feature, you will need to setup 2-step verification on Gmail and follow the steps below to enable the feature.

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