Over 400 cases of drug-resistant superbug in NY, NJ

Alicia Farmer
April 9, 2019

A resistant superbug fungus that can kill people within 90 days is creeping into countries across the globe, with more than 587 cases confirmed in the USA, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

A risky, emerging fungus that is resistant to antifungal drugs is becoming an increasing health concern around the world. Since then, the fungus has spread not just to the United States, but also numerous other countries, including Colombia, India, and South Korea, according to the CDC.

Scientists say that if new and more efficient drugs are not developed, humanity may soon find itself facing one of the most acute problems - drug-resistant infections. Nett said that the CDC does not necessarily have to release more information than that.

As of February 2019, there are 587 confirmed cases of candida auris in the United States alone.

[Image: courtesy of CDC] Globally, more than two dozen countries have reported either single or multiple cases of Candida auris, affecting every continent accept Antarctica.

If you flipped through the New York Times over the weekend, you may still be feeling unnerved by a worrisome story about Candida auris, a mysterious fungus that poses a threat to people with weakened immune systems and has been rearing its unsafe head in hospitals around the globe.

The elderly infected man at Mount Sinai died after 90 days in the hospital, but the fungus C Auris is so tenacious it did not die reports doctors. In fact, candida auris outbreaks have been reported in hospitals and healthcare centres around the world. "It is also critical that healthcare systems are optimized to prevent the spread of Candida auris".

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Dr Chia said that while such fungal infections are hard to detect, Singapore has strategies in place to manage such hospital-acquired infections.

Business Insider has contacted the CDC Institute of Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology and Health Promotion Board for comment. But with drug-resistant fungi and bacteria, their genes evolve so quickly that the treatment meant to target them proves ineffective and allows the unsafe disease to spread.

Until researchers are able to pinpoint the cause of these drug-resistant diseases, the CDC is urging people to use soap and hand sanitizer before and after touching any patients, and reporting cases to public health departments right away.

More specifically, someone may not realise they have candida auris if they are also sick with another illness, the CDC wrote on its website.

Worldwide cases of an infection known as Candida auris have become an "urgent threat", unveiling the dangers of drug-resistant germs for both bacteria and fungi from a cloud of secrecy over fear of public hysteria, The New York Times reported.

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