Northern Lights may be visible from southeast Wisconsin this weekend

Sergio Conner
March 22, 2019

A G2 geomagnetic storm will be in effect starting Saturday night and will then project the famed lights across the night sky.

According to the Space Weather Prediction Center from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there is a high probability of a geomagnetic storm that may be visible from the Hoosier State.

NOAA, an American agency that monitors the atmosphere, said the Northern Lights could be visible as far south as MI and Wisconsin in the United States. They are called coronal mass ejections.

Our planet's magnetic field blocks most of the particles. The result is a brush of vibrant color that dances across the night sky, in colors ranging from icy blues to vibrant magentas and neon-glow greens.

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The Met Office said the phenomenon, known as the aurora borealis and is usually best viewed from Norway or Iceland, is set to be seen in Scotland.

The Southern Hemisphere has its own version, known as the southern lights or the aurora australis. But those closest to the auroral oval have the best chance of seeing the northern lights. The farther north you head in IN, the better opportunity you'll have to see it.

"Certainly over Donegal as the horizon looks over the ocean where are there no facing lights, but it's been seen all over the country before, even as far down as Cork". Visibility can partly come down to chance-it's easier to see the aurora during a new moon, as the shine of a full moon can render the aurora invisible.

If they do reach parts of the Northeast and Midwest, the best viewing would be in areas away from city lights and in clear, cloudless skies.

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