United Kingdom attorney general challenges new Brexit deal

Sergio Conner
March 14, 2019

While the majority of analysts seem confident that May's deal will once again be shot down, Alastair George, chief investment strategist at Edison, argued on Tuesday morning that the EU's overnight concessions might be enough to win over a significant amount of MPs.

Last time May put her deal to the House of Commons, it was rejected by a ratio greater than 2:1.

Or will they accept that this deal is the only one on the table, and that nothing else is possible between now and either March 29 or June 30 - so they simply must hold their noses and vote for it, to avoid political chaos and a possible no-deal Brexit?

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker made a bad-taste smutty innuendo about Theresa May as he addressed MEPs today, hours after had agreed changes to her Brexit deal.

Cox said that documents agreed in Strasbourg "reduce the risk that the United Kingdom could be indefinitely and involuntarily detained" in the backstop by European Union bad faith or a failure by Brussels to use its "best endeavours" to negotiate a permanent deal on the future relationship.

HuffPost UK understands the DUP can not back May's deal in light of Cox's advice, and are likely to be followed by scores of Tory Brexiteers who have said they will be guided by the Northern Irish party. The papers include a "unilateral declaration" setting out how the United Kingdom believes it can escape the backstop.

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If it is turned down by MPs tonight, despite the "legal changes", then another vote will take place tomorrow on whether to opt for a "no deal" Brexit.

However-and this is a enormous "however"-a rejection of the concept does not mean a no-deal Brexit is off the table". The new European Parliament will start work at the beginning of July and, because of Brexit, it shouldn't contain any British lawmakers.

So what sort of extension would the United Kingdom ask for?

Steve Baker, a pro-Brexit member of May's Conservative Party, said the new agreement seems to fall "short" of the plan he wanted to see. But what would be the point? Two years after Brits voted for Brexit and May set the withdrawal in motion, the U.K.is still squabbling internally about what it actually wants-there's no evidence that a few more months will make a difference.

After the vote, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused May of running down the clock on Brexit and said he will try to get MPs to back a Labour plan. That would extend the process beyond the deadline for choosing a new batch of MEPs in the European elections. Revolution? Soothsayers, your time has come.

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