Should Marvel’s "What If" series go to Hulu instead of Disney Plus?

Joann Johnston
March 14, 2019

As per a media release by Disney, it looks like we are just around a week away from the acquisition being finalised.

For the uninitiated, the What If series was first published in 1977 as a type of one-off comics all centered around an alternate timeline of events in the Marvel Universe.

According to The Wrap, Marvel Studios is now in the process of developing a brand new animated series for Disney+ that would be based off of the series of What If comics. Kevin Feige is set to oversee the project but these individual What If stories won't be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to /Film, it will be an anthology like the comics and different stories with different characters will be featured in each episode.

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Marvel Studios sure has a lot planned for this Disney streaming service. I just love the idea of a What If? animated series, because I've always loved the What If? comics, which have the freedom to tell any story they want, kill any character they want, and do all kinds of insane junk you could never get away with in your average Marvel Comic. Disney Plus is also an untested forum that stands to house hundreds of titles-therein lies a major problem.

Disney+ is slated to debut later this year and will reportedly cost less than an subscription to Netflix, although the price is irrelevant if subscribing means we can watch Wolverine fight Al Capone or Captain America versus the Confederacy. But if it's placed in direct competition with more well-known movies and tv shows, the series will fall under the radar before fans can give it a chance. As Slashfilm notes, an animated TV series would allow Marvel to tell even stranger and more out-of-the-box stories than it could with live-action.

Do you think Marvel's What If series would be better off on Hulu? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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