Colorado Students to Join Global Youth Climate Strike

Olive Hawkins
March 13, 2019

Last December school students across Australia, including in the Byron Shire, took matters into their own hands by taking part in the School Strike for Climate Action. "We can not teach on a dead planet".

"I am scared, petrified of what the future looks like without an adequate climate policy". In Massachusetts, they are taking place in several communities, including Boston, Amherst, Barnstable, and Great Barrington.

'If this teacher is found to have used his privileged position as an educator to influence students, he can face action, ' he said.

"Students throughout history have been a critical driving force of social movements".

Synopsis: On March 15, students from all over the world will be skipping classes for the day, as they go on a school strike for climate action. "The students leading this movement have demonstrated courage in standing up to the powerful forces that want to protect the massive profits being made by maintaining the status quo".

Greta is recognised around the world as a model for positive action and local students are gearing up to stage another strike for the climate this Friday in Byron Shire. She said the action is meant to put the spotlight on an issue that impacts all Americans, regardless of party affiliation. Thousands of students have followed her example ever since.

"I school striked for the climate. So we have a much higher chance of doing that if we bring everyone with us", she said.

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Awatere-Huata says she will be marching with them, and calling for an end to government inertia.

"Above all, it is a message that should unsettle us all into action - hope is not enough when the wellbeing and survival of the planet and those who inhabit it are at stake".

However, he said the challenge for them is that it landed on a school day.

"I am really passionate about climate change and the impact it has on our environment and I feel it is the biggest issue facing young people in the future".

"As health professionals we know that climate change is already affecting the wellbeing of children and young people", says Dr Alex Macmillan, Co-convenor of OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council. Organising the protest is itself an important practical lesson in democratic participation; young people are learning how to be heard and how to express dissent on an issue that will shape the lives of this generation and those to come.

"I think [the strike] is important because one, they're using their voice and two, they're putting pressure on trying to get something done, and hopefully they can get something done". "We make it to Friday hundred?"

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