Ohio Teen Ethan Lindenberger Defies His Mom, Gets Vaccinated

Alicia Farmer
February 13, 2019

Just like Lindenberger was able to receive help from his viral Reddit post back in November, countless others have managed to rely on community members, online forums, and medical health centers for vaccination advice.

"I definitely have received messages and I've have had people contact me that are in a similar situation where they want to pursue vaccinations and their parent or authority figure doesn't believe it's right", he told ABC. In the post, Lindenberger asked for practical advice on how to begin the vaccination process, and said he had never spoken to anyone about it.

"My parents think vaccines are some kind of government scheme", he wrote on the posting.

Here is the full post.

"My parents don't believe in vaccines", Ethan wrote on Redditat the time.

'But, I'm a senior in high school now with a auto, a licence, and money of my own. I'd assume that I can get them on my own but I've just never had a conversation with anyone about the subject. "I spoke to a family physician and from then on I went and made an appointment and a few months later I had about five vaccines I have more coming this month", he said.

On Feb. 11, the CDC reported that there are 101 cases of measles confirmed throughout the United States with more than half of these cases occurring in Washington State.

A few months ago, Lindenberger, who's from OH, sought help on Reddit. One was 18-year-old Laura from Colorado who said she was seeking her own options because she needs a number of shots in order to attend college.

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"I grew up not knowing that you go to the health department and get a shot in your shoulder in your upper arm for a bunch of really big diseases that could have a lot of really bad side effects and a lot of bad implications". Ethan Lindenberger, 18, appealed for assistance on a Reddit discussion board, asking which vaccines he ought to acquire, as he stated he had by no means obtained any, as a result of "my parents are don't consider in vaccines". He's a good kid, ' Wheeler told CBS.

On Monday, Lindenberger appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper Full Circle and said that despite not getting vaccinated, he never contracted chickenpox or measles.

Washington state has become a battleground between anti-vaccine groups pushing for relaxed regulations and concerned parents watching a measles outbreak strike the Pacific Northwest, a well-documented anti-vaccination refuge. He and his parents have agreed to disagree on the issue. "I was doing it for my safety and the safety of others". He wanted to get vaccinated.

Ethan tried to convince his mum that vaccines were safe but had no luck. Now that he's 18, Lindenberger is making headlines for his decision to defy his mother and get vaccinated, reports USA Today. In 2001, only 0.3% of kids between 19 and 35 months had received no vaccine doses.

Lindenberger suggested that to empower teenagers and get more people immunized, states should lower the age of consent required for vaccinations instead of pushing for stricter immunization laws and dropping exemptions.

As anti-vaccination movements metastasize amid outbreaks of unsafe disease, internet-savvy teenagers are fact-checking their parents' decisions in a digital health reawakening - and seeking their own treatments in bouts of family defiance. The World Health Organization (WHO) even named "vaccine hesitancy" one of the top threats to global health in 2019, among HIV and pathogens like Ebola.

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