See Will Smith As Genie In Disney's Aladdin Trailer

Joann Johnston
February 11, 2019

Remember when Disney released photos of their live-action "Aladdin" remake with actor Will Smith as a Genie, and fans hated that he wasn't blue? We get our first glimpse at Aladdin's faithful monkey companion Abu, hear what appears to be the first taste of Marwan Kenzari's take on the nefarious Jafar, and cop a short taste of an elaborate procession sequence that could potentially mirror the Prince Ali procession from the OG. "Your life begins now..."

But let's be real: it's Will Smith that steals the spotlight in the trailer, showing up at the very end and making quite the impression.

Aladdin then enters the cave to retrieve the lamp, and releases Genie into our view. "Genie, wishes lamp... none of that ringing a bell?"

Viewers weren't shy about expressing their shock on social media, with many revealing they were disappointed with how Genie turned out, and some even drawing comparisons to Paul Giamatti's character in Big Fat Liar.

Smith posted the trailer to his Instagram, writing, "I told y'all I was gon' be Blue!"

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Just saw the #Aladdin preview.

Last year, Entertainment Weekly debuted a first look at Aladdin - and featured Smith without any makeup or CGI enhancements.

In the EW article, Ritchie described Smith's transformed look as "a muscular 1970s dad".

Aladdin is in theaters on May 24.

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