It's Time To Talk

Alicia Farmer
February 9, 2019

Staff at Cheshire East Council will join thousands of other groups, schools and members of the public, who will all be having conversations about mental health on Time to Talk Day. 80% of respondents said they had noticed an overall increase in awareness of mental health generally in the United Kingdom, however a staggering 62% said they noticed no change in the levels of awareness in the workplace. "People look up to them and to have them as allies standing beside us in the world of mental health and suicide prevention is important".

Around one in four people in the United Kingdom experiences mental health problems with young men, in particular being identified as a vulnerable demographic.

Time to Talk Day aims to get as many people as possible talking about mental health.

According its research previous year, 77% of business leaders said that their own mental health has impacted their performance at work and only 47% of said their colleagues would feel comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace.

To mark Time to Talk Day Ford is adding ten "Don't let mental health be the elephant in the room" liveried trailers to its United Kingdom transport operations.

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So what steps can employers take to create the kind of work environment that supports their employees' mental health?

"It is surprising, not to mention a real shame, that such a large number of employees still feel there isn't enough mental health support available in the workplace, especially surprising as the topic has significantly increased in awareness in recent years".

The foundation of our mental health programme is a holistic health and wellbeing offering which includes a free confidential counselling service available 24/7, direct access to accredited counsellors and a professionally-monitored, anonymous online community. However, what's really made a difference when it comes to tackling the taboo around mental health and encouraging people to speak out is our Mental Health Allies Programme. Working alongside Northumberland Tyne and Wear Foundation Trust, this sees a police officer and mental health nurse providing face-to-face care for those in crisis. Every Ally has gone through a half-day classroom-based training session, raising their understanding and capability in addressing mental health challenges through role-plays and scenarios.

As the business points out, issues of mental health affect one in four of us, which explains why it has chose to embrace the national Time to Talk Day. Which is better for them - and makes for a thriving and successful business.

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