Verizon Hum picks up Google Assistant integration for your auto

Alfred Osborne
January 11, 2019

To use this feature, simply say "Hey, Google, be my (insert language) interpreter", and after a short beep, the Assistant asks the user to start speaking.

2018, the annual product event in Las Vegas, the tech giant has been unveiling a handful of travel-related features for its Google Home and related products, including instant translations and flight check-in and booking tools.

It rolled out new integrations with Google Maps, where users can operate the app hands-free with just their voice.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will be supported in the 2019 Samsung TVs. So, slap on your VR headset and take a ride. Here are the most notable changes that'll help you in your daily interaction with Google Assistant.

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There was a lot announced over the past week at CES 2019, and we've rounded up all of the best news from CES down below. Further, support is on the way for Google Keep,, Bring! The company will offer more information on the platform later this year.

Google Assistant has been around for two and a half years now and has been installed on almost one billion devices globally. Just last May, it was on 500 million devices - and the new figure is thanks in large to Android smartphones (which come pre-installed with Google Assistant), Google Home speakers, and other devices or gadgets equipped with the assistant. Passengers will also be able to retrieve their boarding pass with the Assistant on an Android or iOS phone.

The new interpretation tool will launch when users say phrases such as "Hey Google, be my French interpreter", and will give real time spoken and written translation to aid conversation, Google says. Most products incorporating voice control "also run Alexa, and, given Alexa's penetration, it will be the dominant assistant on them for the foreseeable future".

Assistant Connect is set to increase the assistant's presence by building its features into more devices, although, in this case, the devices are created to connect to an existing Assistant device, rather than operating independently. Amazon's share will continue to shrink through 2020.

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