Netflix testing mobile-only subscription plan

Alfred Osborne
November 15, 2018

The other big restriction is on stream quality, with the mobile plan only allowing for standard definition streams.

The new mobile-only plan option has appeared for users in Malaysia, according to local publication The Sun. This may or may not be a permanent thing-as of right now, the ultra-cheap mobile plan is part of a wider test as Netflix looks to gain ground in the streaming space with cheaper packages.

It's not certain whether the plan will be introduced in Australia, or if it'll even become a mainstay in its subscription options, but for those who do absolutely everything on their phones, having a cheaper option is certainly a win. If you want to watch on a laptop or TV, you'll have to upgrade to at least the Basic plan, and if you want HD video, you'll need the Standard or Premium plan. HD content is included in the Standard Plan at RM42 (about $10) per month. The initiative will also help Netflix fend off the many competing forces in Asia who offer streaming services at a $3 dollar rate, include iFlix, now operating in 28 different countries throughout the Asian peninsula.

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The $3 per month plan shouldn't come as a surprise, not after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently indicating plans to test cheaper packages.

While Netflix doesn't now offer a cheaper, mobile-only option in the U.S., Malaysia's Basic and Standard plans come in at about the same price compared to the equivalent plans in the states. The first reports are from Malaysia, where Netflix quietly rolled out a mobile-only tier priced at RM17, or around $4, each month.

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