Google Chrome 71 to ad-block all websites with abusive ads

Alfred Osborne
November 9, 2018

If Google demands are not met, the browser will close the advertising site from the eyes of all its users.

He cites two common examples of misleading, abusive ads in his post. Anything that causes the browser to misbehave are categorized as abusive.

It's the latest in Google's ongoing attempt to make web browsing through Chrome a safer experience - since January 2018, Chrome has been forcing redirect pop-ups into the browser's info bar, giving users a chance to decide whether they truly want to head off to different content.

Google has already taken steps to combat abusive and misleading ads. Google will also give these site owners a period of 30 days to fix these flawed ads before they are removed.

Google's Chrome 71 update, due for a December release this year, will actively discourage what it calls "abusive experiences" on the internet. This means pop-ups that resemble any mainstream chat window but when clicked, would automatically open an ad instead.

Fake Mouse Pointer Ads or page elements that display a fake mouse pointer in the hopes that the user will try to click on it or interact with it. The second looks like a "close" button for an unwanted ad, but actually launches another popup window. "Such scams can lead to phishing attacks, as well as attempts to steal the personal information of a user". This can lead to several unsafe situations in real life. The final category of abusive ads is one with ads that show or promote fictitious or unidentified products.

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The company defined abusive experiences as misleading and published a list of conditions that it considered abusive at the time. It's very unclear at this moment.

Thoughts about Chrome 71? Offending websites will get all their ads blocked by Chrome, preventing the website owners from generating revenue.

Webmasters find information about abusive site experiences on their sites in the Google Search Console.

Google started getting stricter with unwanted ads with Chrome 68 earlier this year.

Following its own internal investigations into abusive web practices, Google claims to have identified the tactics used.

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