Chinese Company Forced Workers to Eat Roaches

Sergio Conner
November 9, 2018

Chinese investigators have found that a company was forcing employees to drink urine, eat insects and also flogging them for failure to meet sales targets.

Managers who were only identified by their surnames - Guo, Cai, and Huang - were jailed for between five and 10 days for the abuse inflicted on their employees.

A video went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo in which a male employee was being beaten with a belt.

Police investigated the company after reports and video surfaced of the cruel and freaky punishments, the BBC reports.

In the video, which has been deleted, a topless man can be seen standing in the middle of a room. It also showed people drinking yellow liquid from a cup. As he was being whipped with a belt by another man, other people stood around him and watched.

A Chinese news website carried screen shots of mobile phone messages from the company's managers threatening staff with various punishments if they did not meet sales targets set by the company.

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According to reports, the nauseating punishments were dealt out by the business' leaders when staff failed to meet their sales targets.

The company is reported to have a history of shaming and punishing its staff by making them drink toilet water, vinegar and shaving their heads.

Netizens have questioned why the staff did not resign after being subjected to such maltreatment, but one employee shared via Pear Video that they were owed two months' pay by the firm.

The company also allegedly threatened to severely reduce severance pay for anyone who quit.

Thus far, local authorities have released a statement on Weibo, saying that two of the firm's managers have been jailed for ten days.

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