Trump, Obama tout clashing visions of USA as midterm elections near

Mae Love
November 6, 2018

Female college graduates in well-off suburbs are in the spotlight because many are voicing disgust with Trump's aggressive rhetoric, and their votes could decide tight races in Democrats' favor.

Polls show Democrats are most concerned with health care and the economy, with Republicans focused on immigration.

For months, Democrats have drilled their central message into the minds of voters: if Republicans strengthen their grip on Congress, they will destroy your health care, including coverage protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions. The poll of likely voters found that 46% would choose the Republican candidate, while 45% would choose the Democrat.

Democrats were still ahead in the polls going into today's vote, but the gap had narrowed in recent days.

"I'm not pleased with Trump's leadership at all".

"So amusing to see the CNN Fake Suppression Polls and false rhetoric".

Tuesday is Election Day.

Editor's note: Men like Trump is a series of dispatches that tell of how a reckless president is steering the White House, and the manner in which his actions are fundamentally altering the office he holds.

And the weeks leading up to Election Day were spotted with a string of violent incidents, including the deadly shooting rampage of a Pittsburgh synagogue and a series of pipe bombs being mailed to some of Trump's most prominent critics. The results could shift the balance of power in Washington and alter the next two years of Trump's presidency.

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Southern Illinois Airport in Murphysboro, Ill., Oct. 27, 2018.

All 435 seats in the US House are up for re-election. Their failure to take back the Senate will mean that Republicans maintain power over nominations to powerful positions, such as cabinet posts, ambassadorships and justiceships.

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If Democrats prevail in the House, as polls and pundits predict, their ability to avoid getting bogged down in national debates over Trump, or his incendiary rhetoric, may have played a large part.

With a characteristic mix of folksiness, bombast and sometimes cruel humour, he says voters must choose between his stewardship of a booming economy and what he claims would be the Democrats' extreme-left policies.

Outside of border security and immigration, Trump has also made statements about black Democratic candidates that some have interpreted as racist. "I can tell you, the early voting has been really good". And Trump is appealing strongly to the conservative mindset of the white people, who are still in majority in the country and don't want their way of life in both economic and social terms to change.

The midterms are being watched beyond America's borders - as Trump's moves cause ripples internationally.

In the final hours before the election, Mr Trump has criss-crossed the country, pitching for key candidates in critical states such as Florida and Missouri.

The November 6 midterms are the latest chance for Democrats to assume control of Congress' two chambers, and turn the tide against Donald Trump. "Americans will either want to put a check on Mr Trump or they won't", tweeted Dr Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Centre for Politics. Meanwhile, former President Obama is also on the campaign trail for Congressional Democrats, reminding voters that the recovery from the 2008 Great Recession began under his administration.

"The character of our country's on the ballot".

Handel, elected in a special election past year, is facing headwinds from a gubernatorial contest that is energizing Democrats in her north Atlanta district. "But it'll be a start".

Such an occurrence has happened twice in midterm election years when Republicans held the presidency and the two chambers of Congress, and in both cases it was bad news for stocks.

But a healthy economy favours the incumbent, so Mr Trump may yet defy the historical pattern.

Democrats could derail Trump's legislative agenda for the next two years should they win control of the House or the Senate.

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