Support Your Favorite NFL Team in Fortnite

Alfred Osborne
November 5, 2018

And with that Fortnite island has got a new map location too.

It marks the first time Epic has partnered with an outside entity for special outfits.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode.

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An increasing number of online multiplayer games are opting for "one-time only" events on their maps along with freaky in-game phenomenon. Over 1 million people were witness to the real-time event on live-streaming video platform Twitch. No information was given to players beforehand, other than something would happen in-game at 1pm EST on November 4, 2018.

As it hovered above Loot Lake, the Cube began to glow. The cube soon vanished after that and dragged the players into an equally freaky bright realm. A butterfly was fluttering about in the realm and no one could make head or tail of what was happening. The center of Leaky Lake is a tranquil garden dotted with brightly colored flowers, as well as some remnants of the purple cube that captured the imagination of Fortnite enthusiasts for the past few months. Your reward for completing the event is a Kevin the Cube to call your own, nicknamed Lil' Kev, as a new piece of back bling. Gliders and a referee outfit will also be available in Fortnite.

"This partnership represents a great opportunity for millions of National Football League fans who are Fortnite players to express their fandom inside the game while at the same time exposing our brand to countless others". The game developer even sent a push notification for mobile gamers.

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