Here's How Rick Will Die On 'The Walking Dead'

Joann Johnston
November 5, 2018

While Rick's impalement as two hordes converge on him isn't a silly as say Carl getting bitten by a random Walker because he was being as stupid as usual, there is an unavoidable sense of the show trying to get a reaction from us that it hasn't really earned. "For the nine years of fear, heartache, anger and, let's face it, guts you've shown by MAKING IT through these 115 episodes and counting", Lincoln wrote. While I agree with her that Negan deserves to die (and that Rick is being a hypocritical idiot for letting him live), I don't think she should be grabbing a crowbar and marching over to Alexandria to do the job herself.

Meanwhile, Eugene tells Rick that the bridge project just isn't going to work like they'd hope.

Tonight's Talking Dead will be the absolute closest Walking Dead fans will get to Merle and Negan talking outside the two hour special following season 8's premiere TWD episode. Would it have been cheap? Add in Negan's ridiculous attempt to rattle Michonne via some blatantly false equivalency, and we are once again left with another lackluster episode. Since The Walking Dead started back in 2010, Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon is one of only three characters to have survived since the show's first season.

The Obliged is another solid hour of entertainment - one that will infinitely change The Walking Dead landscape forever.

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The MVP from The Walking Dead 904 is Michonne!

"I can not confirm or deny that", showrunner Angela Kang told The Hollywood Reporter when asked to confirm whether Lincoln's character lives or dies. Both Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are fantastic when they are put in a risky situation that forced them to talk things out. Knowing that the project of co-existence is very dear to her heart, Carol announces with regret to Rick that she wants to return to the Kingdom. This situation allows at least to Daryl to empty his bag and express her frustration about the survival of Negan.

"The Obliged" is an odd episode.

Rooker isn't convinced this is the way Rick leaves the show. Negan has outstayed his welcome as a character that has any effect on the plot other than symbolic. According to an interview with EW and, Rick's last episode is going to air on November 4.

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