Call of Duty Companion App Announced, Out for iOS and Adriod Today

Alfred Osborne
November 5, 2018

In most battle royale games, sound is more important than just about anything else, because hearing other players walking, driving vehicles, or fighting one another is often the only information you can get about where they are and whether you're in danger.Blackout now seems to have two problems with audio.

COD Points cost £1.79 for 200, £8.49 for 1,100, £16.79 for 2,400, £34.99, and a staggering £84.99 for 13,000. These orders can only be bought with CoD Points which allows players to stack each Black Market tier with rewards that can be unlocked at once.

As per a report by Express, fans online has stated that the latest update for Black Ops 4 will require at least 11GB of memory space in PS4 and 12GB free area on Xbox One. Reliable sources have also suggested that a number of bug fixes for the game have also been extended with the new tweak up. To solve this issue, Treyarch has adjusted Specialists to "create more opportunities for counter-play" as well as toned down some of the more powerful Equipment.

Of course, all of this is just to unlock cosmetic items, but it still has people in a bit of a frenzy.

Know when your friends are online and what they're playing so you can join the fight. Once a Special Order is activated, you'll see the new content drop in starting on the Black Market Tier you're now on. Blackout takes a lot of things that have become signature elements of battle royale, like last-player-standing matches, huge maps, randomized weapons, and careful gameplay, and tightens up the formula with the solid mechanics and polish for which the franchise has become famous.That doesn't mean that Blackout has won the battle royale melee just for showing up, though.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Treyarch!

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But what's a companion app for a game like Call of Duty without providing intelligence? Blackout and Zombies, the game's other two multiplayer pillars, have also received some changes. Read on below for the full list of updates.

There are now several ways that players can have CoD Points on their account.

Additionally, all CP left over from previous Call of Duty titles will also transfer over to Black Ops 4, and all those who purchased the Black Ops Pass will receive 1000 CP in addition to 300 Nebulium Plasma.

COD Points can also be used to access Special Orders, which are challenges that come with their set of cosmetic content.

Special Orders now available in Black Market on PS4 (other platforms to follow next week).

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