Actor Alec Baldwin charged over NY parking spot fight

Joann Johnston
November 5, 2018

Said McKinnon's Ingraham of Trump's plans to defend the US border: "Of course the liberal media's trying to label President Trump a racist".

Who's in the caravan heading north to the USA border?

Additionally, she said this caravan had "hella Aladdins" when asked about Middle Eastern participants. But except for his words and actions throughout his life, how is he racist? She also lamented that certain words, such as "white nationalist" are now considered "bad", noting that whens he hears that term she just thinks "of a fun fourth of July barbecue - the one you don't have to call the cops on".

The long list included "Mexicans", "Guatemalans", as well as "the Menendez brothers. and several Babadooks". "They took the very common direct flight from Iran to Guatemala, claimed their elephants as service animals, and rode them straight into Mexico", warns Strong. "It makes too much sense". "And that is not fear-mongering, that is just the truth", she said to open the segment before inviting Cecily Strong's Jeanine Pirro to provide an eye-witness account of the people participating, with footage from the World War Z zombie mob as proof of the supposed scourge.

He also shared aerial footage of the caravan, which was of crabs on a beach. McKinnon's Ingraham asked after watching the clip.

Texas couple dies in helicopter crash moments after their wedding
Authorities reportedly discovered the wreckage shortly after sunrise on Sunday, CBS News reported. A couple who married Saturday were killed when the helicopter they left their wedding in crashed.

Amazon drops its $25 free shipping minimum for the holidays
Forrester estimates that online holiday sales will account for more than 32% of all online sales for the year. Retailers are competing hard for holiday shoppers, who increasingly expect fast shipping that's free.

Dana White Continues to Downplay Khabib/Mayweather Rumors
The pair have continued to trade jabs with each other on social media, further fuelling talk of a mega-money crossover fight. "I don't think the fight would happen in the UFC , but they didn't say no".

The fake Ingraham then gave some voting tips to her black and Hispanic viewers.

"Basically, yeah", responded Thompson's Clarke.

Clarke also said that the women in the caravan are over nine months pregnant, and will "literally drop anchor" once in the US, with babies who are also pregnant. And they're holding the babies in until the exact moment they cross the border and then they're literally gonna drop anchor.

"Alec Baldwin also told me "I hope you choke to death" when I was on assignment, staking out his house", Palmeri wrote of an incident that she said happened in 2013 when she was a reporter for the New York Post.

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