Lower Risk For Parkinson's Of Over 20%?

Alicia Farmer
November 4, 2018

Although they do not advise that people go and have their appendix removed, as this is not a sure protection against Parkinson's disease. "And if it were to enter the brain, it can seed and spread from there and have neurotoxic effects that could eventually lead to Parkinson's disease".

"Our results point to the appendix as a site of origin for Parkinson's and provide a path forward for devising new treatment strategies that leverage the gastrointestinal tract's role in the development of the disease", said Dr Viviane Labrie an assistant professor at VARI and senior study author.

It has been discovered that in Parkinson's, toxic proteins build up in the brain to destroy nerves, especially those linked with movement.

This is amounts to a 16.9% decrease in the odds of acquiring the disease-but in absolutes, that's the difference between an 0.14 per cent chance of acquiring the disease for those who hadn't gotten their appendix removed versus an 0.11 per cent chance for those who had.

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And the appendix, long thought of as pointless in the human body, contained the substance that kills brain cells. NutraIngredients reported previously on the theory that gut microbes may trigger Parkinson's disease.

"This research is significant because it gives us one of the strongest evidence so far that Parkinson's can start outside the brain, and this is a revolutionary idea that is beginning to emerge in the scientific world", said Claire Bale of Parkinson UK.

The disorder now is an incurable neurodegenerative disease accompanied with tremors, balance issues, and gastrointestinal problems, which seems to be more common among those living in rural areas.

These proteins are found in the appendix. Removing the appendix doesn't completely eliminate the risk, and it's normal for the clumped proteins to appear in the appendix. Professionals at the Van Andel Research Institute in Michigan, USA, analyzed data from 1.7 million people. Although the appendix has gained a reputation of being redundant, in fact plays an important role in our immune system, regulating the bacteria in our gut and, is playing a role in Parkinson's disease.

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