Fortnite: where to find the sheet music and pianos

Alfred Osborne
November 4, 2018

The first thing you'll need to do is 'find the sheet music in Pleasant Park.' We'll run you through where to find the sheet music in Pleasant Park in Fortnite, as well as what you need to do in the other stages of this week 6 challenge. To start off the challenge, you'll need to find a stand with sheet music in Pleasant Park. On that mountain will be a piano keyboard, and players will have to play the correct notes. This first stage can be found by entering the house to the northern middle section of Pleasant Park with the giant spider outside.

Head inside and turn left into the room to find the sheet music on a stand, ready for collection. We've got another screenshot of this location down below.

Once players finish that game, they will want to head to the mountain located directly west of Pleasant Park in the next round they play.

It's pretty simple, really.

Next, head over to the giant piano on the hill Southeast of Retail Row.

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With the Fortnite 6.21 update patch some changes have been made to the map, including the addition of two giant pianos near Pleasant Park and Retail Row. It's hidden between some trees.

Once you've finished playing the music (A E F A E C A), you will finish the fourth and final stage of the challenge and get your well-earned battle stars.

This sounds straightforward enough, but combined with the pickaxe damage challenge, this is chaotic as all hell.

Again, you need to play these notes in the right order without any mistakes, and watch out for other players disrupting your tune.

For the next piece of sheet music, you need to visit McGuffin's book store found on the east side of Retail Row. C, E, G, E, and C. Back off a little and wait for the piano to play the music automatically.

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