BlizzCon's Diablo announcement was a mobile game, not Diablo 4 (obvs)

Alfred Osborne
November 3, 2018

We'll have more on Diablo Immortal as we go hands-on with the game at BlizzCon and speak to Blizzard about this new direction.

As shown in a video of the event by the Skill Up Twitter account, a lone man rose from the crowd to ask what his question. Same goes for the gameplay trailer below, showing the basic mobile controls and UI on top of what looks like a rehash of Diablo 3.

The response from the presenter on stage was handled deftly and with kindness despite just having their hard work reduced in front of a live audience. Not only did it offer phenomenal combat and tactics, but it also told a touching story from all points of view. It's being developed in collaboration with NetEase. Blizzard is calling this the first mobile massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMOARPG) meaning you'll be able to get together in groups to tackle the game. Diablo Immortal will pit players against Diablo's older brother Bael as they journey across various locales, including the classic Frozen Tundra and the new jungle island Bilefen.

The game takes place in-between Diablo II and Diablo III and attempts to fill in the gaps in regards to Tyrael (everyone's favorite angel). I played Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon shortly after it was revealed, and it's a lot of fun.

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Blizzard says the game is "coming soon", although the publisher has yet to confirm a specific release date.

The announcement came with some official gameplay and it will be interesting to see how Blizzard adopts the game to a touch-screen format. Yes, but I won't dismiss Diablo Immortal out of hand. Hopefully the sting of Diablo Immortal will be assuaged by the Warcraft III: Reforged announcement. The game launches in 2019, and comes with the popular World Editor tool, and support.

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People are also mad that Blizzard didn't announce new content for Diablo 3 and didn't announce Diablo 4, the latter of which the company expressly said it wasn't going to reveal.

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