Mitch McConnell confronted by angry heckler at restaurant

Joann Johnston
October 21, 2018

"Why don't you leave the entire country alone?" the unidentified customer asked.

The Senate majority leader has said that Social Security needs to be cut to make up for the Trump administration's $779 billion budget deficit, which was largely created by a big boost in military spending and a massive tax cut for corporations.

"Ditch Mitch!" another person said.

McConnell and his wife can be seen calmly sitting while the men scream at them.

McConnell sitting in a booth with his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, at Louisville's Havana Rumba restaurant in his home state of Kentucky, after four men reportedly approached them while screaming about politics.

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The same man had taken a container of leftover food off the couple's table and tossed it outside the restaurant moments earlier, the woman who filmed the footage told the website.

"Oh yeah, why don't you get out of here?" But other diners begin yelling at the protester, telling him to "leave him alone" and making shoo-ing gestures.

McConnell kept his cool and afterward thanked some of his supporters, shaking their hands.

The woman who shot the video also mentioned that there was a dispute over the bill, but it was resolved after they spoke with the waiter and restaurant manager.

Popp continued, "They hope other patrons weren't too inconvenienced by left-wing tantrums". Last month, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was forced out of a restaurant by US citizens angry with his support for the controversial confirmation of US Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Chao told the protesters to "leave my husband alone", cited by Politico.

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