Tenants Vote to Remove Trump Name From UWS Building

Sergio Conner
October 19, 2018

Though the tower's legal name will not be affected, the building will now be known as 200 Riverside Boulevard.

Eric Chung, a longtime resident whose family owns two units in the building, told The Times that removing the letters "makes a very powerful statement".

Past year the name was abandoned by the former Trump SoHo condo hotel, and three buildings near 200 Riverside have already shed their Trump Place signage.

Residents at 200 Riverside Blvd., a 46-story building between 69th and 70th streets, fought for the right to tear the Trump name from their building following the 2016 election, with many people wanting to distance themselves from politics, The New York Times reported. The removal will cost an estimated $23,000, according to the building's board.

Faced with the prospect of an expensive lawsuit, some residents took to internal message boards to oppose the change.

This is another public-relations hit to the Trump brand, which has already suffered some blows-as well as made some gains-during Donald Trump's campaign and presidency. Residents first voted to remove the name shortly after Trump's 2017 inauguration.

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In May, the state supreme court ruled in favor of the condo owners.

In an email to unit owners, obtained by the Washington Post, the condo board said: 'We are pleased to have resolved this matter democratically.

The building is part of a complex Trump helped to develop in the 1990s.

Even after the signage is removed, the Trump Organization has a contract to manage the building until at least 2019, according to the Post.

At the start of this year, the Trump Organization threatened legal action against the board at 200 Riverside Boulevard if they removed the letters, arguing that such action would "constitute a flagrant and material breach" of a $1 licensing agreement signed in 2000.

The president no longer owns any of the buildings - of which six had originally been called Trump Place.

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