Biden hopes Democrats don't impeach Trump right away

Sergio Conner
October 18, 2018

Biden's comments come after recent reporting that Democrats have outlined a list of key investigations they plan to launch if they take back the House from Trump's taxes, ties to Russian Federation and the administration's handling of security clearances.

Biden was speaking to "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell in an interview to be aired Thursday.

"I hope they don't". "I think it's totally appropriate for people to look at me and say if I were to run for office again, 'Well God darn you're old.' Well chronologically I am old". "My doubts are that there's very little sense of rule of law, respect for human rights, dignity", Biden said.

"I just don't know why this administration seems to feel the need to coddle autocrats and dictators from Putin to Kim Jong Un to, you know, Duterte", Biden said.

"I've been around a long time", he continued. You don't put an arbitrary end to it. "Let's see where the investigation takes us".

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While some Democrats, including billionaire donor Tom Steyer, are pushing for impeachment, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who could become speaker if Democrats win back control, has tried to quiet impeachment speculation.

Biden said that his doubts about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have "been confirmed".

Biden, who had a 20-point lead in CNN's most recent national Democratic presidential preference poll over Sen.

As the crisis over Khashoggi's disappearance has deepened, Trump has emphasized positive aspects of the US relationship with Saudi Arabia and rebuffed calls to respond by cutting off arms sales to the kingdom.

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