A guide to Canada's legal cannabis

Mae Love
October 18, 2018

But take note: people returning to the U.S. from Canada are barred from bringing any marijuana products with them because it is illegal at the federal level, said Stephanie Malin, a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The law doesn't just cover marijuana possession, however, as citizens will now be totally within their rights to grow their own pot for personal use.

"The ship is already sailing at the velocity it can sail at in the US", said Richard Hahn, executive director of Crime and Justice Program at New York University. Advocates say the black market will continue to thrive until small retail shops and craft growers are included in the regime.

Although Uruguay started selling cannabis products previous year under a 2013 law, Canada's foray is considered more significant because of its economic status and much larger population. The regulations governing when, where, and how one can buy and ingest marijuana in Canada also vary by province.

Across the square, a group of pro-pot advocates also shared an anti-Big-Cannabis message from a makeshift booth selling marijuana and displaying plants.

Canada on Wednesday became the second country to officially legalize marijuana.

It ended the nearly century-old prohibition on marijuana in this country but it hasn't come without opponents and challenges along the way.

There's also the issue of economic competition between cannabis businesses in bordering states and provinces.

Shoppers will have the ability to choose from various strains and have their order filled out by a store clerk, being able to choose between dried buds, ground cannabis, pre-rolled joints, cannabis oil, pills, or oral spray.

"It's Canada Went to Pot Day", she declared.

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Buzzkill, however, wasn't far away, in the form of a tweet from the Ontario Cannabis Store late Wednesday that suggested the day's business was just a little too good, resulting in a backlog of orders that could threaten its one-to-three day delivery pledge. As reported by CNN, these are the legalities that come along with purchasing and carrying marijuana in Canada now.

How much of the spray a consumer should use at a given time is an individual decision, he said, "because when it comes to cannabis "everyone is different".

When cops did enforce the country's no-toking laws, they could plausibly tell themselves they were doing it to protect young people and other innocents.

"The event happens, and then people say, 'Ah, that wasn't really that big a deal.' Then there is profit taking", he told Yahoo Canada Finance on Wednesday.

"The U.S. and other countries grappling with the complexities of such a significant policy shift will have an excellent opportunity to learn from the Canadian experience".

Jones praised the work of the provincial government, along with city staff and council to get to this point.

"Federal law supersedes state law", he said.

One in five Canadian teens and almost one in three young adults reported using cannabis in 2015, "some of the highest rates in the world", the Canadian government said.

And while many Canadians may be celebrating their ability to freely use the drug, the coming legalization had been a boon for producers operating in the country as their market values exploded amid increasing interest from investors.

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