SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying Argentinian satellite takes off successfully

Olive Hawkins
October 12, 2018

The company, led by Elon Musk, sells launches on used Falcon 9 first-stage boosters at a discount, compared to the 62-million-U.S. -dollar price of a launch on a new Falcon 9 rocket. This time, the experts minutely calculated the choreographed orbital gymnastics and the first stage booster of the famous Falcon 9 rocket stuck its ideal landing in the center of SpaceX's new landing pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base, LZ-4.

The main aim of the mission is to place the SAOCOM 1A satellite which is into the orbit.

The SAOCOM 1A satellite, operated by Argentina's Space Agency the National Commission on Space Activities, carries an active instrument consisting of a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), which works in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum, particularly the L-band, the operating frequency range of 1-2 GHz in the radio spectrum. Apart from this it will predict pestilence and can even give an alert about the natural disasters like floods.

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The Falcon 9 rocket took off from California's Vandenberg base at 07:21 PM, local time, on Sunday.

Currently, they are undergoing the final evolution as the vehicle will be carrying the tourist to the Moon shortly. The move marked the rocket's first and reusable stage, which landed successfully. But the Air Force would like you to know that there's no need to worry; something entirely normal is going on - a rocket that heaved its way up into space will be falling back to Earth, correcting its trajectory with "multiple engine burns", and then (if all goes well) settling comfortably back on its landing struts in the vicinity of its launch site. This will save the time as the rocket will not travelling much for the launch site and this will help the company to reuse the same in less time.

Earlier, SpaceX has already brought back the flown rockets back to the land in Florida.

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