41-year old NASA probe may be near interstellar space

Olive Hawkins
October 8, 2018

Since 2007 the probe has been traveling through the outermost layer of the heliosphere - the vast bubble around the Sun and the planets dominated by solar material and magnetic fields. In may 2012, the same changes of parameters of cosmic rays discovered "Voyager 1", it happened about three months before the device came out in interstellar space, says that "Voyager 2" is close to the interstellar medium. At the same time the unit of measurement level nizkozatratnyh particles has found a similar increase in cosmic rays with higher energy. But the similarity between the two probes' experiences doesn't mean that Voyager 2 is about to cross over.

"We're witnessing a reform in the environment nearby Voyager 2, there's no hesitation about that, we're exertive to grasp a lot in the coming months, but we still don't know when we'll come to the heliopause".

Considering that Voyager 2 was not released at the same time as its predecessor or the same path, scientists can not predict when it will pass through the heliopause.

NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft launched way back in 1977 when bell bottoms and disco were in style.

In August, scientists observed that the instrument in Voyager 2, named Cosmic Ray Subsystem had observed 5% increment in cosmic rays hitting the spacecraft. NASA revealed that the instruments onboard Voyager 2 have picked up an increase of cosmic rays.

As both probes continued their epic journey, on 25 August 2012 Voyager 1 officially crossed the border between our Solar System and the space beyond, becoming the first human-made object to head out into interstellar space.

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Lasting longer than ever expected, Voyager 2 continued through the solar system to Uranus and Neptune.

Voyager 2 is a little less than 11 billion miles - about 17.7 billion kilometers - from Earth, or more than 118 times the distance from Earth to the Sun.

Heliopause is a bubble around the Solar system, formed by the solar wind - a stream of charged particles continuously emitted from the Sun.

Voyager 1's path took it away from the planets toward interstellar space. Mission organizers expect that Voyager 2 will quantify an expansion in the rate of cosmic rays as it methodologies and crosses the limit of the heliosphere.

When the Sun is at minimum - which we're now closing in on - its activity levels are low, and the Solar wind is slower.

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