Fortnite Had its "Biggest Month Yet" in August With 78 Million Players

Alfred Osborne
September 22, 2018

Previously the Fortnite Battle Pass countdown pencilled in the end for Fortnite season 5 as Monday September 24. As a result, there will be additional opportunity for players to max out their current Battle Pass before it ends. "Glide into the party!" it revealed in a tweet. Alongside Hold the Throne duos and solo matches with high rewards for eliminations, expect to see ATK races, a couple quick games of golf, and other mini-games to break up the tension. All players will start seeing it shortly, ' the developer said.

At the moment, no one exactly knows what the season 6 theme will be.

Fortnite Season 6 is imminently close to releasing, with the giant purple cube transforming Loot Lake into into a jelly like bounce pad earlier this week and in game teases suggesting a Tuesday September 25th release for the new content season.

If previous Fortnite updates are anything to go by, we'll likely see the new Season go live in the morning (in United Kingdom time at least) after Epic has dropped the patch onto the game, bringing it to its latest version.

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Fortnite Battle Royale players have also received a quadruple season 5 XP event.

This week, we saw the Cube move to Loot Lake and melt into it, leaving the lake "Thanos"-coloured and bouncy".

The slow descent of the cube-perhaps the last time we'll see it-is capped off with some ominous music but no Terminator-style thumbs up, which just seems rude after all the time we've spent following it.

Elsewhere Fortnite tweeter @siloxleaks has noticed a unusual sound coming from the runes that the Fortnite cube left behind. We'll find out soon.

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