Nintendo Direct Event Delayed Due To Earthquake

Alfred Osborne
September 14, 2018

While the company did not state what games will be discussed during this Direct, we have some speculation into what Nintendo may be covering. Indeed, the natural disaster occurred early this morning in Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido. The Nintendo Direct presentation for September is going to be held tomorrow, September 6, according to sources.

It's all because of the massive natural disaster which hit Hokkaido, Japan. The quake is known to be responsible for at least seven deaths, dozens are missing, and homes have been buried by mudslides.

Many folks reported seeing Yoshi's Crafted World mentioned on the "You might also like..." section of the Nintendo website (thanks, Zalman).

The delay Nintendo announced today applies to the English and Japanese Direct streams, with both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe announcing it on their respective Twitter accounts. In the meantime, there are more than enough good platforming games on the Switch to keep us busy. This disaster, named Typhoon Jebi, also resulted in deaths, injuries, floodings, and power outages.

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The announcement for this Direct notes that it will be about 35 minutes long, covering upcoming titles for the Nintendo 3DS and Switch. This could mean even more info on Super Smash Bros. You'll be to watch it on Nintendo's YouTube channel, or below.

The Nintendo Switch version of Koopa-stomping platformer Mario Bros. will include support for online co-op.

Nintendo Direct is Nintendo's way of showcasing all of the fun things they've got in store for their fans over the coming months.

Pokemon: Let's Go, launching 17 November.

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