Here's When You Can Pre-Order Your New iPhone From Telstra

Alfred Osborne
September 14, 2018

Like the XS and XS MAX, the XR has a new Depth Control slider feature that lets you adjust the depth-of-field in Portrait Mode photos after they're captured, going from maximum bokeh at f/1.8 to maximum depth-of-field at f/16.

Apple bills the iPhone XR as "the iPhone X experience in an LCD display". The Xs, pronounced like 10-S, not excess, features a 5.8-inch "plus-size" display.

Bar the camera and screen, the rest of the specifications are largely the same as the XS and XS Max. There will also be 128GB and 256GB models. Even a new version of the Apple Watch, called Series 4, has a 30 percent larger screen, making it fit even more information.

The XR comes with a 6.1in, 1,792 x 828 resolution display, inside an aluminium casing with a glass front and back. It features the same A12 Bionic chip as the Xs, and houses the same bundle of sensors in its "notch", meaning it has the exact same Face ID capabilities. As you can see, however, this deal is only good for a limited time, and only applies to iPhone XS models.

It will be available to order from 19 October, and will start shipping on 26 October. The phone also comes in coral, which is a pale pinkish colour, as well as black and white, but really, go bold.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California.

They are available in gold, silver and space grey.

Apple just announced that its lower-cost iPhone is officially known as the iPhone XR. The XS will start from $999 in the USA and €1,149 ($1,226) in Germany.

Yesterday's Apple keynote was surprising in that it only featured new iPhones and a refreshed Watch, and no accessories for these products. Greater screen area allows for app icons and fonts that are bigger and easier to read, while "complications" have been "beautifully enhanced to be more precise and informative", says Apple. The edges are noticeably rounder, though it still retains the square look. The new Apple Watch claims to be able to tell the difference between a trip and a fall - and when the latter occurs, it will suggest calling 911 (or the equivalent outside the U.S.). The crown has been improved and now gives haptic feedback, trying to mimick the "clicking wheel" feel such as in more mechanical dials, or more aptly, the clicking of a mouse wheel when you scroll with it. Apple took the iPhone XS down to what looks like a lab where they just shot 4K video of various "experiments".

The new iPhones have more in common than ever. Battery life in the new watch remains at 18 hours, meaning it needs a nightly recharge. (Apple itself has been teasing that charging case on its website since last year, but hasn't said when it might launch.) The rumored AirPods refresh is not to be confused with a higher-end, water-resistant version, reportedly in the works for next year.

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