The Black Ops 4 battle royale trailer is totally sick

Alfred Osborne
September 13, 2018

Black Ops 4 all-new mode ditches the conventional multiplayer confines of Call of Duty games by dropping players into last man standing Battle Royal experience. It was previously confirmed that Blackout beta is set to support over 80 players. Players drop down on the map with a wingsuit to navigate the descent, and eventually deploy a parachute for landing. This is battle royale, sure, but it doesn't feel like a major departure from the Call of Duty model. Black Ops 4 specialist characters are also available in Blackout, as well as the new Zombies cast. These locations are also littered with numerous series' iconic guns, including a version of the glorious ICR assault rifle. For those of you lamenting your inability to partake, you can take check out some gameplay instead, which should tide you over until the beta hits your platform of choice.

That would make the map smaller than PUBG's Erengal map - which measures in at 64km2 - but would make it roughly the same size as Fortnite's 5.5km2 map.

Don't worry though, this Nova Gas isn't the thick, yellow-green smoke you'd expect, and the view looks pretty clear even as you get lost in the funk.

Weapon Breakdown: Need to drop your weapon's attachments quickly?

The Call of Duty Endowment has announced the date for this year's edition of The Race charity stream with a group of popular Twitch streamers at the center of the action.

Heal on the Move: You don't need to stop moving to heal!

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One of my biggest issues with Blackout right now is the initial search for survival.

If you're interested in the health information up there, another section on the blowout feature went into detail on that. Of course, Zombies also make a return in Blackout as environmental hazards players must be constantly aware of as they traverse the map. And if you were dying to know if you'd be able to honk the horns on the vehicles: yes, you can. The Blackout Beta is almost here.

And the Black Ops 4 makers have revealed feedback they have received from the first full day of the Blackout beta.

Fortnite isn't going anywhere thanks to Epic Games' creation of a super cute, colourful world with a unique building-combat system.

According to expert Call of Duty YouTube broadcaster Drift0r, the Blackout map should fall somewhere between 4.5km2 and 7.4km2. Players that already have pre-ordered the game on PS4 and Xbox can already take part in the Blackout Beta. They will have the very first opportunity to try it this week, thanks to private beta session Activision that hosted on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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