New detachable Pixelbook spotted ahead of Google event

Alfred Osborne
September 13, 2018

After Chrome Unboxed published the story, the Chromium Bug Tracker post that contained the video was set to private, which may be a sign of its legitimacy.

It is a little hard to believe that Google, who makes the majority of their revenue off of web-based ads, "accidentally" launched advertisements picturing a Pixelbook with thinner bezels than any other Chrome device on the market. "As you can see in the video, the connection between the display and the keyboard looks similar to what you get on a Surface Pro/Go-style detachable, and 'Nocturne" has been rumored to be exactly this type of device.

It appears that Google's going to follow up its 2017 Pixelbook with not just one - but two - Chrome OS laptops. We might now have our first look at the new models, codenamed "Nocturne" and 'Atlas.'. The leaked ads show a potential Pixelbook 2 with much thinner bezels and a detachable screen.

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We're digging deep to see if we can find the original video the image was taken from but I will have to admit, it would be a stretch to think that Google made a "bad render" of the original Pixelbook in a YouTube TV ad. We have heard rumours and have seen mentions in the ChromeOS codebase but now in the last few days we have seen what appears to be the Pixelbook 2 with minimal bezels. We haven't seen any leaks of that, but both devices are expected to launch next month at Google's October event.

Unlike the Facebook ads that showed a device with bezels so thin, it was nearly guaranteed to be a bad photoshop, these images appear significantly smaller than the original Pixelbook while keeping things realistic. It shows a Pixelbook on a table in someone's living room and seems to be more about how different Google Assistant devices work together.

The site also shared an image, sent in by a tipster, of an Ad Choices advertisement that appears to leak an updated version of the bend-back 2-in-1 Pixelbook. At this time, it's unclear if this will be the final design of the device or if Google is merely trolling the internet. / © Chrome Unboxed Feeling a sense of déjà vu?

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