Apple launches the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Alfred Osborne
September 13, 2018

Apple VP of World Wide Marketing says these models have the most durable glass of any smartphone ever made.

Apple's launches are a Silicon Valley tradition, dating back over 20 years.

All three new phones are expected to follow the iPhone X design in that there will not be a home button and instead facial recognition technology will be used to unlock the device. The biggest physical difference is the notch in Apple's screen to house the sensors and FaceID.

It's the internet, so of course people are.

If you've got an Apple TV, you can install the Apple Events app, which lets you watch everything easily.

This applies to all the iPhone that are part of the 2018 lineup, including the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Still, that "cheap" price will cost you in the long run as far as features are concerned.

A number of Apple users have been following the reports and have taken to social media to share their thoughts and feelings on the suspected new phones and other devices from Apple.

Well, welcome to the future everyone.

Apple has bolstered the batteries loaded into each phone too.

The TL;DR version? Nothing revolutionary. To be accurate, only one version will have the ability to accommodate two physical SIM cards: a dual-SIM version of the iPhone Xs Max intended for China.

The new models sport an A12 Bionic processor with a 7nm process.

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The popular portrait mode, which de-focuses the background of a photo to emphasize the subject, has a new setting.

And despite having a slightly bigger screen than last year's iPhone 8 Plus, it's packed into a much smaller overall package.

The XS Max will have all those upgrades, but it's bigger.

Three new variants of the iPhone were announced, all in different sizes. It won't feature an OLED screen like the others, rather only LED, and will be aluminium rather than steel, but the lower price tag will attract the most attention. The iPhone Xs screen measures 5.8-inches, just like the iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Max has a 6.5-inch display.

I'll need to start saving if I want one won't I?

Apple bills the iPhone XR as "the iPhone X experience in an LCD display".

Did Apple announce anything else?

The newest iPhones range from $749 outright for the entry-level iPhone XR, which comes with an LCD display and less advanced camera system, to $1,449 outright for an iPhone XS Max with 512GB of built-in storage.

How about battery life? I know I do.

Apple revealed its new iOS 12 will be available to download on September 17 as long as you got a device newer than an iPhone 5. It also means developers might have a harder time taking advantage of those features if Apple decides to remove any more.

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