Intensifying Hurricane Florence could strike United States southeast

Olive Hawkins
September 12, 2018

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Goes-East weather-monitoring satellite used its lightning mapping technology for a video showing Florence, Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Helene as they traveled across the Atlantic on Tuesday.

Florence has for several days remained a unsafe Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 220 kilometers per hour during its approach to the U.S. East Coast. "But we are not going to gamble with the lives of the people of SC".

No impacts are expected in Northwest Florida yet, but locals and visitors should remain vigilant as we enter the most active part of hurricane season.

A ideal storm of unfortunate circumstances means Florence could deal a devastating blow to the Southeast.

Isaac is a Category 1 hurricane that's blowing winds between 74-95 miles per hour. Hurricane Fran in 1996 was a Category 3 storm as it struck below Cape Fear. Matthew's floods were devastating for many areas of eastern North Carolina.

Cooper added: "The waves and the wind this storm may bring is nothing like you've ever seen. Don't bet your life on riding out a monster". The forecast is for landfall to occur overnight Thursday into Friday morning.

Governors in the Carolinas and Virginia already had declared emergencies, and some sought federal aid as well. The federal government was "absolutely, totally prepared" for Florence, the president said, according to a live stream of his press conference at the White House.

American and Southwest airlines are preparing for travel disruptions later this week as Hurricane Florence bears down on the East Coast, with travel advisories being issued Monday that allow passengers to switch their flights to avoid the storm's path. As projected paths for Florence continue to change, Gov. Henry McMaster said during an update Sunday afternoon, "What that means for us in SC is that whatever happens, we're going to have a lot of rain and a lot of wind".

Hurricane, storm surge watches in effect
The US Navy is sending 30 ships stationed in Virginia out to sea. "Get to a safe place now or by Thursday morning", he said. A Category 4 hurricane has winds of 130 to 156 miles per hour on the Saffir-Simpson Scale of Hurricane Intensity.

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Residents are stockpiling bottled water, plywood, and power supplies.

The threat has sparked a rush of evacuation efforts in SC and North Carolina, with more than a million people urged to get out of Florence's way.

TODAY show host Al Roker said the hurricane is now staying on track with computer models indicating Florence remains to be moving west north west at 17 miles per hour.

In addition, the National Hurricane Center said that it will likely issue watches for "life-threatening storm surge" across three states. "Pretend, assume, presume that a major hurricane is going to hit SC".

The farther south the center of Florence is able to move, the windier it will be here in central Georgia.

Once the storm makes landfall, the threats are far from over. The humidity and warm ocean water cause the storms to gain enough intensity to turn into hurricanes. The vast stretch of a water body, high temperatures, and high air pressure above the thunder clouds are the factors that help to sustain a hurricane.

By comparison, Hurricane Matthew was a weak Category 1 storm when it hit Columbus County in 2016.

What is in Hurricane Florence's way?

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