Woman Got "Black Hairy Tongue" After Car Accident

Alicia Farmer
September 10, 2018

Why did a woman's tongue turn black and furry-looking after she experienced a auto crash?

"It was very dramatic, the tongue was literally black".

The 55-year-old, who was admitted to the hospital after injuring both her legs in a auto accident, developed a wound infection for which she was given the antibiotics meropenem and minocycline.

However, within a week after starting the treatment, the woman reported experiencing nausea and having a bad taste in her mouth. According to the report, the patient had developed a bacterial infection and was treated with intravenous meropenem and oral minocycline.

Hamad told CNN that this was the first case of black hairy tongue he'd seen in 10 years of practicing medicine, but it may not be all that uncommon.

"It was the typical textbook case" of a condition known as black hairy tongue, said Hamad, an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

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In spite of the name, black "hairy" tongue isn't hair at all.

A United States woman who developed a odd black discolouration on her tongue as a side-effect of her medication has been successfully treated for the condition. She was given different medications and the problem disappeared after about four weeks.

Debris, bacteria, or other microorganisms can then collect on the elongated papillae, causing the condition's trademark black discoloration.

Symptoms include a metallic taste in the mouth, bad breath and a tickling sensation.

As mentioned, black hairy tongue may be resolved by treating the cause of the condition and by practicing good oral hygiene, but patients must go to the doctor if they are concerned about the appearance of their tongue, and if the condition continues even after practicing good oral hygiene and brushing the teeth and tongue twice a day.

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