John McCain Receives His Rare Honor

Alicia Farmer
September 2, 2018

McCain died on Saturday after a battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

They remembered McCain with laughter and tears, as all the speakers touched on the values he had imparted to them - a shared humanity, a commitment to civility and compromise and the ideal of country before party.

Here are some of the most powerful quotes from Biden's speech.

'My name is Joe Biden. John McCain, social media customers read a lot into the survey on daughter Meghan's face. "Any time I'm criticized for my belief in Jesus Christ, I factual breath a prayer of reward."in "The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence", that came out this week, authors Michael D'Antonio and Peter Eisner cast Pence's background - congressman, in governor, Trump VP - in a harsh gentle, arguing that "basically the most winning Christian supremacist in American historical past" is already functioning as a "roughly replacement president" and is making ready to "model a nation extra handsome to his god and company sponsors."AutoplayShow ThumbnailsShow CaptionsLast SlideNext SlideAfter New York Times columnist Frank Bruni wrote about the e book beneath the headline "Mike Pence, Holy Fear", non secular leaders and other Pence supporters accused Bruni and the e book's authors of non secular bigotry". They were both "cock-eyed optimists", Biden said, and he would trust John with his life. "I swear to God".

"John's story is the American story, that's not hyperbole", he said. "That's when it changed".

Later, 75-year-old Biden talked about McCain's incredible legacy.

"I always thought of a John as a brother". "We go back a long way".

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The cancer that ultimately took the life of McCain also afflicted Biden's son Beau. "It's brutal, it's relentless, it's unforgiving".

Biden has suffered his own share of grief.

Hitting particularly close to home, Biden addressed the disease that took McCain's life, as well as the life of Biden's son, Beau, in 2015. "You know you're going to make it when the image of your dad, your husband, your friend crosses your mind and a smile comes to your lip before a tear to your eye".

He continued, "We gather here today to honor an American patriot who served a cause greater than himself. Knowing that this project is bigger than yourself". "The intolerance for the abuse of power". "He served in the Vietnam War". He led the fight after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to block the use of certain "enhanced interrogation" techniques approved by the Bush administration such as water boarding, in which a person is exposed to simulated drowning. But despite their political differences, the former vice president said he views McCain as a brother. "Generations of Americans will continue to marvel at the man who lies before us". "That's what made John special, a giant among all of us". Bottom line was, I think he believed in us. "All 325 million of us".

The former Vice President noted that many people have asked him to explain McCain, because he admired him, but also viewed him as though "he came from another age, lived by a different code, an ancient, antiquated code where honor, courage, integrity, duty, were alive", Biden said.

"John McCain's impact on America is not over". The Arizona senator, said Biden, "was neither selfish or self-serving".

"To paraphrase Shakespeare", Biden concluded.

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