Python swallows Indonesian woman, village chief says

Sergio Conner
June 19, 2018

The victim was a 54-year-old woman identified as Wa Tiba who had suddenly gone missing while tending her vegetable garden. More than 100 people starting looking for Tiba in the village of Persiapan Lawela on the island. The serpent had swallowed her head first.

The victim is believed to have been swallowed whole while she was gardening.

Junaidi said the snake had swallowed the farmer whole, adding that it was the only such fatality recorded in the region.

Instead, they found her footprints and her sandals, her torch and her machete, laying on the ground.

Police superintendent Agung Ramos, from the Muna district Indonesian National Police, said Wa Tiba had went out to check her garden the previous evening and never returned. They later found a giant python only a few dozen away from Tiba's belongings.

Killing and revealing the snake, the villagers saw in his stomach the body of the missing woman.

The villagers killed the giant animal and dissected it.

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Shocking footage has emerged of a mum-of-two being cut out of a monster 27ft python after being eaten alive head first.


Local police say the victim's body was nearly intact.

Resident Ayu Kartika said: "Everybody was crying, everybody was shocked".

According to Prof. Harry Greene from Cornell University in NY, who commented on last year's gruesome incident in an interview for USA Today, a large python could kill a human in a matter of minutes, by coiling around their body and asphyxiating its victim.

Indonesian villages are getting notoriously infamous for horrifying incidents of giant pythons' attack on humans.

A serpent of this size would only need about an hour to swallow a human body, states the media outlet.

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