Apple Watch to get new Walkie-Talkie feature

Alfred Osborne
June 5, 2018

Showing off the Apple Watch at WWDC 2018. Apple is also offering a new version of its Pride rainbow watch band, starting today. Possibly as a result, watchOS 5 will expand the wearable's base features, including new health and fitness tracking capabilities.

You'll both be competing against each other to see who can earn the most points and close the most Rings in the Activity app over a week long period.

Along with iOS 12, it's also announced watchOS 5, with a variety of new features for Apple Watch devices.

It means you can start your workout and you'll get a notification from your wrist asking if you want to start an activity within the Workouts app. Auto-Workout Detection For the most popular workouts on Apple Watch, auto-workout detection provides an alert to start the correct workout and gives retroactive credit.

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Podcasts is coming to Apple Watch too. But experts these days generally say the overall outlook for smart watches has shrunk somewhat from the original promise: that smart watches were going to become ubiquitous. "Apple Watch is helping our customers stay connected, enhance their fitness and, in many cases, detect life-threatening conditions". Speaking of apps, third-party apps are now coming to Siri watch faces as well. Now you can listen to an episode in the background right from where you left off on your iPhone. A new feature for developers allows music, audiobooks and meditation sessions from apps such as Pandora, Audible and 10% Happier to be synced to Apple Watch for playback offline without the user's iPhone nearby. Think of it like voice messages in iMessage...but simpler and on your wrist. There's also Student ID Card integration, letting students of supporting universities make their Apple Watch a virtual student ID card. You can view a version of the site on the phone, while previously that was unavailable.

Notifications will also be more interactive - for example a notification about a Yelp restaurant reservation allows you to change the timing or number of guests straight from the watch.

It seemed like only a matter of time before older Apple Watch models were left high and dry. It's also great grounding for its next smartwatch, and we may hear about more features in watchOS 5 closer to release later this year.

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