Trump eyes security assurances for Kim Jong Un under nuclear deal

Sergio Conner
May 18, 2018

Or are the North Koreans simply taking Trump for a ride. He said North Korean officials are discussing logistical details about the meeting with the U.S. "as if nothing happened".

"This with Kim Jong Un would be something where he'd be there".

"We're still hopeful that the meeting will take place and we'll continue down that path", Sanders told Fox News. "But if we make a deal, I think Kim Jong-un is going to be very, very happy". "There was no deal to keep Gaddafi", Trump said. "So I see him testing the waters and pushing the United States".

North Korea engaged in a number of bitter clashes with Bolton when he served in the George W. Bush administration, calling him "human scum" and a "bloodsucker".

Donald Trump distanced himself from comments by his national security adviser John Bolton that North Korea angrily denounced when casting doubt on the summit. It has been the nature of North Korea's diplomatic dance with the worldwide community that it regularly takes two steps forward only to take three steps back.

For months, the world has heard that North Korea is willing to denuclearise and many analysts in Korea raised their eyebrows.

We don't have a lot of details on what the willing to offer to get North Korea to make a deal.

Mr Bolton has repeatedly suggested the Libya model of unilateral disarmament for North Korea, most recently on Sunday.

Pyongyang has said it won't return to talks with Seoul due to the exercises.

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Though North Korea has been for the most part silent about its intentions for the meeting, the announcements underscore two of its biggest concerns - the future of the almost 30,000 US troops in South Korea and claims coming out of Washington lately that sanctions and Trump's "maximum pressure" policy are what drove Kim to the negotiating table. Vice Minister Kim immediately issued a statement that "appeared to reject that, saying North Korea would never give up its nuclear program in exchange for trade with the United States", Reuters news service reported this week.

"The Libyan model is not a model that we have at all when we are thinking of North Korea", Trump told reporters on Thursday. As a result, North Korea is now in a position to humiliate Trump if he fails to extract major concessions from the Kim dictatorship.

"All the confrontation rackets kicked up by them have had something in common with the nature of the conservative regime which had been engaged in inciting hostility and division in the past", said the North Korean official in charge of several rounds of inter-Korean talks at Panmunjom.

That history is well understood by Kim's regime.

"A US government expert on North Korea said Kim Jong Un may also be trying to gauge whether Trump is willing to walk away from the meeting", Reuters reported. The question is whether they'll get them or not, which is a different story.

As Trump is finding out after pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal, snapping back an global sanctions regime that took years of diplomacy and political will to build is not easy, especially when your partners don't see eye to eye.

Trump says Kim needs to demonstrate the will to reach an agreement.

Speaking at an Oval Office meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump also said he will not discuss United States troop levels in South Korea during his meeting with Kim. And that after all the smiles and handshakes and walks in the garden with President Moon, Kim Jong-un remains untrustworthy.

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