Hands-on with Android P on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Alfred Osborne
May 11, 2018

Google is changing the way we interact with our phones when Android P rolls out. Your phone will split your screen in two, with the top showing the Street View overlay, while the bottom half will still display the maps layout. The more you use your phone, the better the AI understands.

However, the new beta version, available this Tuesday, is also not stable and does not contain all the services that will arrive with Android P in the fall but is less likely to contain bugs.

For example, Google's updated Android software, which runs most of the world's mobile phones, will notify users how much they are using apps and let them set limits for themselves and family members.

Keep in mind that, unlike Apple, Google doesn't really force its user experience on Android phone makers.

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In the past 5 months, Gmail has undergone more changes than it has in its 14 years in existence. It's not MIUI-based so there aren't any new features not already available on the Google Pixel devices. Right now the new OS is simply called "Android P" but you can expect it to get a cuter name later this year when it's released to the public. This should show up on Pixel devices in the coming weeks. In both cases, the receivers of the call did not seem to know that they were talking to an artificial intelligence voice as the Google assistant inserted natural-sounding "ums" and "uhs" between sentences and was quick to understand context. Users can then tap for more information about the app, or completely stop it from running in the background. It supports 4K resolution at 60fps, Google Assistant, and HDR playback. The new "Do Not Disturb" mode silences not just phone calls and notifications, but also all the visual interruptions that pop-up on the screen and is activated automatically when the phone is turned over on the table.

Google revealed that the machine learning is the core of Android P. However, it makes smartphone advanced and makes it easier for the smartphone to learn and adapt from the user.

"In collaboration with Google, we are proud to offer OnePlus 6 users an early glimpse at the future of Android", says OnePlus.

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