Potential new cure found for baldness

Alicia Farmer
May 10, 2018

If baldness runs your family, then you might be pleased to hear that scientists have found that a drug originally created to combat brittle bones could be used as a cure.

Dr Nathan Hawkshaw, from the University of Manchester's Centre for Dermatology Research in the United Kingdom and the leader of the project said that the drug could make a difference to people who have hair loss.

Hawkshaw said that a clinical trial is still necessary to make sure the drug is effective and safe to use for this propose.

Now only two drugs - both minoxidil and finasteride - are all available for cure of male-pattern balding (androgenetic alopecia). Both have side effects and often produce disappointing results.

Exploring other possible options, Hawkshaw and his colleagues discovered that the drug WAY-316606 reduces expression of a protein called SFRP1. The research work concluded that the drug actively targets a protein which blocks the hair growth. It was found that it also has a dramatic stimulatory effect on human hair follicles donated by patients undergoing hair transplantation surgery.

WAY-316606 was originally developed to treat bone loss related to osteoporosis.

Dr. Nathan Hawkshaw led the new Ph.D. project to develop new ways to safely but effectively treat androgenetic alopecia, which refers to male or female pattern baldness.

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The study was published Tuesday in the open access journal PLOS Biology.

(CsA), which has been commonly used since the 1980s to suppresses transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases. Both of these agents, however, only offer moderate side effects and are not universally effective.

For those who have receding hairlines, hope is on the way as scientists have identified a drug - initially meant to be for osteoporosis treatment - which can help in hair growth.

Alternatively, you could get a hair transplant.

Follicles soon went into the active phase of hair growth - known as "anagen" - and began sprouting new hair.

It started with a hunt for novel agents to treat male pattern baldness, it marked down few candidates that were recognized to have hair growth as a outcome owing to their other damaging effects.

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