John Oliver quits after Russell Crowe names koala chlamydia ward after him

Joann Johnston
May 8, 2018

On the April 18 episode of Last Week Tonight, he announced the purchase and his decision to donate the jock strap and a few other pieces of Crowe's movie memorabilia to the last Blockbuster video store in Anchorage, Alaska. But Oliver also wound up with the winning bids on Crowe's director chair from American Gangster, the vest he wore in Les Miserables, and a hood he wore in Robin Hood.

Last night, HBO celebrated a victory that only Last Week Tonight with John Oliver can proudly claim.

Crowe then tweeted, "I think this is such a wonderful random act of kindness that I am planning now on how to best use the @iamjohnoliver money he spent on groin protectors and such".

Chlamydia has actually impacted Australia's koala population on a devastating scale, and our furry friends are susceptible to blindness and infertility as a result of the disease. "Given [he's] often shown genuine love for Australians and Australia, it's got to be something special".

Appearing on his show Last Week Tonight overnight, Oliver used the tribute as an excuse to quit.

Oliver then told his viewers he had one goal in mind when he started his HBO show, and it was written in an envelope.

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Fortunately, Oliver isn't going anywhere for many years at least. "It was a simple goal it was just three words long", he said before revealing a piece paper that read "Koala Chlamydia Ward".

"What I'm saying here is, we have accomplished everything we set out to do on this show, so we are f---ing done here", he said as he packed up his desk.

In the video Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin thanked Mr Crowe for his donation to the zoo - which they said would be going towards a koala chlamydia ward.

Yes, really. How did Oliver know that it was specifically his money that went to this?

To be fair, at least we finally have an answer now to 'what do you give a man who has everything?'

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