'Fortnite' may be looking to increase player count in matches

Olive Hawkins
April 16, 2018

'One of the things we've been talking about is, 'does it make sense to ever consider more than a hundred players?' I think there's a lot of technological considerations for something like that. I mean, personally, I would love to try it. It's a tough problem to solve because they're different paces of game. The fact that Epic seems willing to play around with this cap at some point is intriguing and demonstrates the developer's commitment to keeping Fortnite fresh and exciting for its massive player base.

They'll also be granting a pack of Battle Stars to Battle Royale players and Seasonal Gold to the Save the World players which will be a part of the planned downtime that will be brief.

The game went back online on Thursday and gamers were once again able to hop on the Battle Bus to do damage. Every week players get new content and updates to keep the game fresh and interesting. One ambitious game called Mavericks: Proving Grounds has plans to take the player count much higher by allowing 1,000 players into each map.

While only a regular tier challenge to complete in Battle Royale mode, it provides something a little different to do around the map.

By the time the servers came back up, Epic had been experiencing Fortnite server issues for almost 24 hours, resulting in a lengthy maintenance period that made the game inaccessible for everyone. The postmortem will also cover what Epic's doing to avoid a problem like this in the future, and it'll be ready for all of us to read sometime this week.

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Each class has different collision "volumes" on the different characters.

"Those are really fun palate cleansers", said Williamson.

"The most common search during the same user session is Overwatch, followed by Team Fortress 2 and video game".

Speaking in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine (via Wccftech), Epic Games' Eric Williamson, design lead for Fortnite, spoke about the possibility of expanding the game to more than 100 players in each match. Turn things around and try different stuff. We can't wait to see what you create.

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